The liberation of pantothenic acid from coenzyme A.

  title={The liberation of pantothenic acid from coenzyme A.},
  author={G. D. Novelli and Nathan O. Kaplan and Fritz Lipmann},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={177 1},
It was reported previously that coenzyme A contained pantothenic acid bound in such a manner as to make it unavailable in microbiological tests (1). A liberation of p;alanine on acid hydrolysis indicated early the presence of pantothenic acid, which was confirmed by chick assay (2). While the chick assay for pantothenic acid and the p-alanine assay by the yeast growth test yielded equivalent amounts of pantothenic acid, the microbiological assay for pantothenic acid with Lactobacillus… CONTINUE READING