The level repulsion exponent of localized chaotic eigenstates as a function of the classical transport time scales in the stadium billiard

  title={The level repulsion exponent of localized chaotic eigenstates as a function of the classical transport time scales in the stadium billiard},
  author={Benjamin Batisti'c and vCrt Lozej and Marko Robnik},
We study the aspects of quantum localization in the stadium billiard, which is a classically chaotic ergodic system, but in the regime of slightly distorted circle billiard the diffusion in the momentum space is very slow. In quantum systems with discrete energy spectrum the Heisenberg time tH = 2π~/∆E, where ∆E is the mean level spacing (inverse energy level density), is an important time scale. The classical transport time scale tT (diffusion time) in relation to the Heisenberg time scale tH… 
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