The leukemia-associated AML1 (Runx1)–CBFβ complex functions as a DNA-induced molecular clamp

  title={The leukemia-associated AML1 (Runx1)–CBFβ complex functions as a DNA-induced molecular clamp},
  author={Jer{\'o}nimo Bravo and Zhe Li and Nancy A Speck and Alan J Warren},
  journal={Nature Structural Biology},
We have determined the structure, at 2.6 Å resolution, of the AML1 (Runx1) Runt domain–CBFβ–DNA ternary complex, the most common target for mutations in human leukemia. The structure reveals that the Runt domain DNA binding mechanism is unique within the p53 family of transcription factors. The extended C-terminal 'tail' and 'wing' elements adopt a specific DNA-bound conformation that clamps the phosphate backbone between the major and minor grooves of the distorted B-form DNA recognition site… CONTINUE READING
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