The lattice parameter of highly pure silicon single crystals

  title={The lattice parameter of highly pure silicon single crystals},
  author={Peter Becker and P. Scyfried and Helger Siegert},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physik B Condensed Matter},
From crystal to crystal comparison, thed220 lattice spacing in PERFX and WASO silicon crystals used in the only two existing absolute measurements have been found to be equal within ±2×10−7d220. This demonstrates that generic variabilities of the two crystals account only for a small part of the 1.8×10−6d220 difference in the two absolute measurements. In a new series of 336 single measurements, ourd220 value reported recently has been confirmed within ±2×10−8d220. From these results we derive… 

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High precision lattice parameter measurements by multiple Bragg reflexion diffractometry

  • M. Hart
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1969
The precision of relative lattice parameter determinations by X-ray Bragg reflexion is usually limited to a few parts in 107 by the dispersed profiles of single spectral lines. In a new technique

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