The laterophysic connection and swim bladder of butterflyfishes in the genus Chaetodon (Perciformes: Chaetodontidae).

  title={The laterophysic connection and swim bladder of butterflyfishes in the genus Chaetodon (Perciformes: Chaetodontidae).},
  author={J F Webb and William Leo Smith and Darlene R. Ketten},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={267 11},
The laterophysic connection (LC) is an association between bilaterally paired, anterior swim bladder extensions (horns) and medial openings in the supracleithral lateral line canals that diagnoses butterflyfishes in the genus Chaetodon. It has been hypothesized that the LC makes the lateral line system sensitive to sound pressure stimuli that are transmitted by the swim bladder horns and converted to fluid flow into the lateral line system via a laterophysic tympanum. The purpose of this study… CONTINUE READING


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