The late functional results of upper limb revascularization and replantation.

  title={The late functional results of upper limb revascularization and replantation.},
  author={R. Graham G. Russell and Barbara O'Brien and Wayne A. Morrison and G Pamamull and A M Macleod},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={9 5},
The functional results in 25 of 30 patients after successful upper limb revascularization or replantation were evaluated by subjective-patient surveying and objective measurements. Young patients with complete, sharply amputated extremities at the wrist level or those with incomplete injuries and uninjured peripheral nerves had the best functional results. Multiple-level, diffuse crush, or avulsion injuries, even if the injuries were incomplete, and patients with high-level nerve injury had… CONTINUE READING
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