The last bastions of guinea-worm disease

  title={The last bastions of guinea-worm disease},
  author={Julius Cavendish},
  booktitle={Bulletin of the World Health Organization},
A terrible itchiness is the first symptom of guinea-worm disease or dracunculiasis. Next, explains Adama Guindo, a village chief in eastern Mali, an agonizing blister appears on an ankle or foot. “You don’t see the worm to begin with,” he says. When the creature’s head emerges several days later, the pain is unbearable. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and dizziness follow. “You can’t work or sleep, and if you can walk at all – it’s with a crutch,” he says. Extracting the worm takes on average… CONTINUE READING
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