The laser Doppler: a non-invasive measure of cochlear blood flow.

  title={The laser Doppler: a non-invasive measure of cochlear blood flow.},
  author={Paul C. Goodwin and Josef M. Miller and Harold A. Dengerink and John W. Wright and Alf Axelsson},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={98 5-6},
The present investigation demonstrates the utility of the laser Doppler flowmeter to provide a measure of cochlear blood flow dynamics. Cochlear and cutaneous blood flow were compared with arterial blood pressure during and following exposure to Angiotensin II, 5% carbon monoxide, 100% oxygen, mannitol, and saline. The observations indicate that: 1) cochlear blood flow generally parallels cutaneous blood flow; however, 2) when cutaneous beds vasoconstrict (e.g., AII, alpha-agonists), cochlear… CONTINUE READING
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