The large peculiar velocity of the cD galaxy in Abell 3653

  title={The large peculiar velocity of the cD galaxy in Abell 3653},
  author={Kevin A. Pimbblet and Isaac Roseboom and Marianne Doyle},
We present a catalogue of galaxies in Abell 3653 from observations made with the 2-degree field (2dF) spectrograph at the Anglo-Australian Telescope. Of the 391 objects observed, we find 111 are bona fide members of Abell 3653. We show that the cluster has a velocity of cz= 32 214 +/- 83 km s(-1) (z= 0.10 738 +/- 0.00 027), with a velocity dispersion typical of rich, massive clusters of sigma(cz)= 880(-54)(+66). We find that the cD galaxy has a peculiar velocity of 683 +/- 96 km s(-1) in the… CONTINUE READING

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THE REDSHIFT CATALOGUE Table 3 gives the final redshift catalogue for all objects observed in the direction of Abell 3653 with a quality

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The Large Peculiar Velocity of the cD Galaxy in Abell

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