The large cardinals between supercompact and almost-huge


I analyze the hierarchy of large cardinals between a supercompact cardinal and an almost-huge cardinal. Many of these cardinals are defined by modifying the definition of a high-jump cardinal. A high-jump cardinal is defined as the critical point of an elementary embedding j : V → M such that M is closed under sequences of length sup{ j(f)(κ) | f : κ→ κ }. Some of the other cardinals analyzed include the super-high-jump cardinals, almost-high-jump cardinals, Shelah-for-supercompactness cardinals, Woodinfor-supercompactness cardinals, Vopěnka cardinals, hypercompact cardinals, and enhanced supercompact cardinals. I organize these cardinals in terms of consistency strength and implicational strength. I also analyze the superstrong cardinals, which are weaker than supercompact cardinals but are related to high-jump cardinals. Two of my most important results are as follows. – Vopěnka cardinals are the same as Woodin-for-supercompactness cardinals. – There are no excessively hypercompact cardinals. Furthermore, I prove some results relating high-jump cardinals to forcing, as well as analyzing Laver functions for super-high-jump cardinals.

DOI: 10.1007/s00153-014-0410-y

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