The large cardinals between supercompact and almost-huge

  title={The large cardinals between supercompact and almost-huge},
  author={Norman Lewis Perlmutter},
  journal={Archive for Mathematical Logic},
AbstractI analyze the hierarchy of large cardinals between a supercompact cardinal and an almost-huge cardinal. Many of these cardinals are defined by modifying the definition of a high-jump cardinal. A high-jump cardinal is defined as the critical point of an elementary embedding $${j: V \to M}$$j:V→M such that M is closed under sequences of length $${\sup\{{j(f)(\kappa)\,|\,f: \kappa \to \kappa}\}}$$sup{j(f)(κ)|f:κ→κ}. Some of the other cardinals analyzed include the super-high-jump cardinals… 


Abstract We show that the statement “every universally Baire set of reals has the perfect set property” is equiconsistent modulo ZFC with the existence of a cardinal that we call virtually Shelah for


The definition of Woodin for strong compactness cardinals is given, the Woodinised version of strong compactity is proved, and an analogue of Magidor’s identity crisis theorem for the first strongly compact cardinal is proved.

Global Chang’s Conjecture and singular cardinals

It is proved relative to large cardinals that Chang’s Conjecture can consistently hold between all pairs of limit cardinals below the minimal level.

Model Theoretic Characterizations of Large Cardinals Revisited

In [Bon20], model theoretic characterizations of several established large cardinal notions were given. We continue this work, by establishing such characterizations for Woodin cardinals (and

Weak Indestructibility and Reflection

This work is a part of my upcoming thesis [7]. We establish an equiconsistency between (1) weak indestructibility for all κ +2-degrees of strength for cardinals κ in the presence of a proper class of

The Variety of Projection of a Tree-Prikry Forcing

We study which κ-distributive forcing notions of size κ can be embedded into tree Prikry forcing notions with κ-complete ultrafilters under various large cardinal assumptions. An alternative

Woodin cardinals and forcing

Despite being an established notion in the large cardinal hierarchy, results about Woodin cardinals are sparse in the literature. Here we gather known results about the preservation of Woodin

On extensions of supercompactness

We show that, in terms of both implication and consistency strength, an extendible with a larger strong cardinal is stronger than an enhanced supercompact, which is itself stronger than a




By analyzing the notion of C(n)-cardinal at various levels of the usual hierarchy of large cardinal principles, it is shown that, starting at the level of superstrong cardinals and up to thelevel of rank-into-rank embeddings, C( n)-cardinals form a much finer hierarchy.

Many-times huge and superhuge cardinals

In this paper we consider various generalizations of the notion of hugeness. We remind the reader that a cardinal κ is huge if there exist a cardinal λ > κ, an inner model M which is closed under

Superstrong and other large cardinals are never Laver indestructible

All these large cardinal properties are superdestructible: if κ exhibits any of them, with corresponding target θ, then in any forcing extension arising from nontrivial strategically <κ-closed forcing $${\mathbb{Q} \in V_\theta}$$Q∈Vθ, the cardinal κ will exhibit none of the large cardinal Properties.

Universal Indestructibility

. From a suitable large cardinal hypothesis, we provide a model with a supercompact cardinal in which universal indestructibility holds: every supercompact and partially supercompact cardinal κ is

Destruction or Preservation as You Like It

Combined Maximality Principles up to large cardinals

  • G. Fuchs
  • Mathematics
    The Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 2009
It turns out that the Maximality Principle for directed closed forcings holds at unboundedly many regular cardinals or at every regular cardinal below some large cardinal κ, but the consistency strength is quite high.

Canonical seeds and Prikry trees

  • J. Hamkins
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 1997
It is concluded that if μ is a strongly normal supercompactness measure, then ℙ μ Prikry sequences are maximal, thereby proving, for a large class of measures, a conjecture of W. Hugh Woodin's.

Extensions with the approximation and cover properties have no new large cardinals

If an extension Vbar of V satisfies the delta approximation and cover properties for classes and V is a class in Vbar, then every suitably closed embedding j:Vbar to Nbar in Vbar with critical point

Large cardinals imply that every reasonably definable set of reals is lebesgue measurable

We prove that if there is a supercompact cardinal or much smaller large cardinals, then every set of reals from L(R) is Lebesgue measurable, and similar results. We also introduce some large