The large-N expansion of unitary-matrix models

  title={The large-N expansion of unitary-matrix models},
  author={Paolo Rossi and Massimo Campostrini and Ettore Vicari},
  journal={Physics Reports},
Densities in Unitary Matrix Models
The unitary matrix model is another important topic in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and lattice gauge theory. The Gross-Witten weak and strong coupling densities are the most popular density models
N=2 Conformal SYM theories at large N
We consider a class of N=2 conformal SU(N) SYM theories in four dimensions with matter in the fundamental, two-index symmetric and anti-symmetric representations, and study the corresponding matrix
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theta dependence of SU(N) gauge theories in the presence of a topological term
Abstract We review results concerning the θ dependence of 4D S U ( N ) gauge theories and QCD, where θ is the coefficient of the CP-violating topological term in the Lagrangian. In particular, we
Large N scaling and factorization in SU(N) Yang–Mills gauge theory
The large N limit of SU(N )gauge theories is well understood in perturbation theory. Also non-perturbative lattice studies have yielded important positive evidence that ’t Hooft’s predictions are
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Thermodynamics of theories with sixteen supercharges in non-trivial vacua
We study the thermodynamics of maximally supersymmetric U(N) Yang-Mills theory on × S2 at large N. The model arises as a consistent truncation of = 4 super Yang-Mills on × S3 and as the continuum
Confinement-Higgs phase crossover as a lattice artifact in 1 + 1 dimensions
A bstractWe examine the phase structure of massive Yang-Mills theory in 1+1 dimensions. This theory is equivalent to a gauged principal chiral sigma model. It has been previously shown that the
Phases of unitary matrix models and lattice QCD2
We investigate the different large $N$ phases of a generalized Gross-Witten-Wadia $U(N)$ matrix model. The deformation mimics the one-loop determinant of fermion matter with a particular coupling to


The large N expansion in quantum field theory and statistical physics : from spin systems to 2-dimensional gravity
This book contains an edited comprehensive collection of reprints on the subject of the large N limit as applied to a wide spectrum of problems in quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. The
Complete integration of U(N) lattice gauge theory in a large-N limit
We present an approximation for the integration over a link in the Feynman path integral for U(N) lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The approximation is valid when N ..-->.. infinity and g/sup