The lamprey blueprint of the mammalian nervous system.

  title={The lamprey blueprint of the mammalian nervous system.},
  author={Brita Robertson and Andreas A. Kardamakis and L. Capantini and Juan P{\'e}rez-Fern{\'a}ndez and Shreyas M. Suryanarayana and Peter Wall{\'e}n and Marcus Stephenson-Jones and Sten Grillner},
  journal={Progress in brain research},
The basic features of the vertebrate nervous system are conserved throughout vertebrate phylogeny to a much higher degree than previously thought. In this mini-review, we show that not only the organization of the different motor programs underlying eye, orienting, locomotor, and respiratory movements are similarly organized, but also that the basic structure of the forebrain engaged in the control of movement is conserved. In the lamprey, which diverged already 560 million years ago from the… CONTINUE READING


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