The kisspeptin (KiSS-1)/GPR54 system in cancer biology.

  title={The kisspeptin (KiSS-1)/GPR54 system in cancer biology.},
  author={Angeliki A Makri and Nikolaos Pissimissis and Peter Lembessis and Constantine Polychronakos and Michael Koutsilieris},
  journal={Cancer treatment reviews},
  volume={34 8},
Kisspeptin (KiSS-1) gene, initially described as a melanoma metastasis suppressor gene, encodes a number of peptides (kp-54, kp-14, kp-13, kp-10), which are endogenous ligands to a G protein-coupled receptor, referred as hOT7T175 or AXOR12 or GPR54. So far intensive investigation has provided substantiate evidence supporting the role of KiSS-1/GPR54 system in cancer biology as well as in the regulation of the reproductive function and trophoblast invasion. The precise mechanism by which KiSS-1… CONTINUE READING