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The kinetics of tiazofurin uptake by the isolated perfused choroid plexus of the sheep.

  title={The kinetics of tiazofurin uptake by the isolated perfused choroid plexus of the sheep.},
  author={Zoran B. Redzic and Malcolm B. Segal and Jovana M Ga{\vs}i{\'c} and Ivanka Markovic and Aleksandra J. Isakovic and Ljubisav Raki{\'c}},
  journal={Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology},
  volume={22 3},
  • Z. Redzic, M. Segal, +3 authors L. Rakić
  • Published 1 April 2000
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Methods and findings in experimental and clinical pharmacology
Tiazofurin (TZF-beta-D-ribofuronosyl thiazole-4-carboxamide, NSC-286193) is a synthetic nucleoside analog with potent antitumor activity. Isolated choroid plexuses (CP) of sheep were perfused in situ and the uptake of [3H]-tiazofurin was determined in relation to the recovery of [14C]-mannitol by means of the paired indicator dilution technique. The maximal uptake of tiazofurin was 8.29 +/- 0.84% and was shown to be both carrier-mediated, sodium-dependent and inhibited by adenosine which… Expand
Transport of nutrients across the choroid plexus
  • M. Segal
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Microscopy research and technique
  • 2001
The methods of measuring the rate of secretion of CSF and the possible nutritive functions of the choroid plexuses will be considered and the extensive neuro‐endocrine role of the CP and efflux systems across the tissue for lipid soluble molecules will be made. Expand
Cyclohexyl analogues of ethylenediamine dipropanoic acid induce caspase-independent mitochondrial apoptosis in human leukemic cells.
The cytotoxic effect in HL-60 cells was associated with an increase in superoxide production and mitochondrial membrane depolarization, leading to apoptotic cell death characterized by phosphatidylserine externalization and DNA fragmentation in the absence of autophagic response. Expand
Homeostatic capabilities of the choroid plexus epithelium in Alzheimer's disease
The ability of injured CP to express key regulatory proteins even at Braak stage V/VI, points to plasticity and function that may be boosted by drug treatment to expedite CSF dynamics. Expand
HPLC determination of tiazofurin in the rat brain.
A sensitive, selective and reproducible HPLC method for determination of tiazofurin in rat brain was developed and validated. The method allowed determination and quantification of nanomolarExpand