The kinetic mechanism of Myo1e (human myosin-IC).

  title={The kinetic mechanism of Myo1e (human myosin-IC).},
  author={Mohammed El Mezgueldi and Nanyun Tang and Steven S. Rosenfeld and E Michael Ostap},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={277 24},
Myo1e is the widely expressed subclass-1 member of the myosin-I family. We performed a kinetic analysis of a truncated myo1e that consists of the motor and the single IQ motif with a bound calmodulin. We determined the rates and equilibrium constants for the key steps in the ATPase cycle. The maximum actin activated ATPase rate (V(max)) and the actin concentration at half-maximum of V(max) (K(ATPase)) of myo1e are similar to those of the native protein. The K(ATPase) is low (approximately 1… CONTINUE READING