The kinematic origin of the cosmological redshift

  title={The kinematic origin of the cosmological redshift},
  author={E. Bunn and D. Hogg},
  journal={American Journal of Physics},
  • E. Bunn, D. Hogg
  • Published 2009
  • Physics
  • American Journal of Physics
  • A common belief about big-bang cosmology is that the cosmological redshift cannot be properly viewed as a Doppler shift (that is, as evidence for a recession velocity) but must be viewed in terms of the stretching of space. We argue that, contrary to this view, the most natural interpretation of the redshift is as a Doppler shift, or rather as the accumulation of many infinitesimal Doppler shifts. The stretching-of-space interpretation obscures a central idea of relativity, namely that it is… CONTINUE READING
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