The kinase C substrate protein B-50 and axonal regeneration.

  title={The kinase C substrate protein B-50 and axonal regeneration.},
  author={Joost Verhaagen and C O van Hooff and Philippa M Edwards and Pierre N. E. de Graan and AB. Oestreicher and Peter C. Schotman and Frans G. I. Jennekens and Willem Hendrik Gispen},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={17 6},
As reported previously the prominent protein kinase C substrate protein B-50 is present in growth cones isolated from fetal rat brain and in outgrowing hippocampal neurites. These findings suggest that B-50 plays a role in axonal growth during development of the nervous system. In the present paper the fate of B-50 is investigated in regenerating rat sciatic nerve. Using affinity-purified anti-B-50 antibodies B-50 levels have been compared in crushed and contralateral intact nerves by means of… CONTINUE READING