The juxtaglomerular apparatus in Bartter's syndrome and related tubulopathies

  title={The juxtaglomerular apparatus in Bartter's syndrome and related tubulopathies},
  author={Roland Taugner and Ruediger Waldherr and Hannsjorg W. Seyberth and Ervin G. Erd{\"o}s and Jo{\"e}l M{\'e}nard and David Schneider},
  journal={Virchows Archiv A},
A comparative immunocytochemical and electron microscopic study was performed on renal biopsies from two children with classical Bartter's syndrome (BS) and three children with a recently described variant, the so-called hyperprostaglandin E-syndrome (HES). Compared to age-matched controls, kidney specimens from patients with BS and HES disclosed a marked hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the juxtaglomerular apparatus (JGA). In addition, in HES focal tubular and interstitial calcifications… CONTINUE READING


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