The journal Helminthologia — 50th anniversary


295 The year 2013, marking the 60 anniversary of founding of the Institute of Parasitology SAS, also saw the edition of 50 anniversary volume of the international scientific journal Helminthologia. Dr. Ján Hovorka, the founder of the Institute, had exerted an enormous effort to issue scientific international journal that would publish original papers of domestic and foreign scientists from the field of helminthology. The journal should have been a follow up to the Československá Parazitologie, published in Czech by the Institute of Parasitology CSAS. Though the proceeding of the 1 Conference of Czechoslovak helminthologists were published under the title Helminthologia in 1957, the first volume of the original journal, consisting of 4 issues bound together, was not published until 1959. The contributions were published in English and Russian and later also in French. The summaries were usually translated into other two or three languages. The four issues, still bound to a single volume were published till 1978. Two volumes titled Studia Helminthologica were published as the Supplements in 1964 and 1968, respectively. The beginnings of the publishing were modest and difficult. Back then a centrally planned economy required that all decisions regarding production (i.e. even paper and print house capacity) be embodied in a plan and approved several years in advance. Two volumes prepared for publication (vol. 12 and 13.) burnt down in a fire that destroyed a printing plant and no copies remained. Due to financial problems the publication was discontinued in 1975 and volume 16 was issued four years later. The cover of the journal has changed several times and the changes have reflected current graphic design trends. The Journal has had a circulation of 400 – 500 copies, both for subscribers and for the international exchange of the journals and monographs with the similarly focused institutions. In the time of limited and regulated foreign exchange allocation, the Institute thus enjoyed receiving several dozens of titles of periodicals and non-periodicals from all around the world. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the scope of such exchange was from 150 to 200 copies of each issue. Dr. J. Hovorka, the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal remained in the office until 1990, followed by Prof. P. Dubinský until 2005 a Dr. M. Várady to date. As the Editorial Board comprised the outstanding national and international parasitologists, both orientation and journal quality have remained high and stable. The effort and dedication of the Managing Editors, Dr. I. Zmoray until 1978, Dr. M. Brezal until 1992, Dr. M. Ryboš until 2004 and Dr. Z. Vasilková to date have also contributed to the high quality of the journal. The journal was published and distributed by the Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and later by the SAP for almost 35 years. Due to weak promotion the number of subscribers slowly declined and the mutual international exchange in the new political conditions in Europe was gradually ceased. In 2006, a contract was signed between the Institute of Parasitology SAS, Versita and Springer-Verlag on publishing and distributing the journal. The agreement has significantly resulted in the increase in the Impact Factor, reaching 0,951 in 2010, the highest since its inclusion into Current

DOI: 10.2478/s11687-013-0144-0

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