The isomorphism problem for some universal operator algebras

  title={The isomorphism problem for some universal operator algebras},
  author={Kenneth R. Davidson and Christopher Ramsey and Orr Moshe Shalit},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},

Maximal ideal space techniques in non-selfadjoint operator algebras

The following thesis is divided into two main parts. In the first part we study the problem of characterizing algebras of functions living on analytic varieties. Specifically, we consider the

Techniques in operator algebras: classification, dilation and non-commutative boundary theory

In this thesis we bring together several techniques in the theory of non-self-adjoint operator algebras and operator systems. We begin with classification of non-self-adjoint and self-adjoint

Operator algebras of monomial ideals in noncommuting variables

On operator algebras associated with monomial ideals in noncommuting variables

We study operator algebras arising from monomial ideals in the ring of polynomials in noncommuting variables, through the apparatus of subproduct systems and C*-correspondences. We provide a full

The classification problem for operator algebraic varieties and their multiplier algebras

We study from the perspective of Borel complexity theory the classification problem for multiplier algebras associated with operator algebraic varieties. These algebras are precisely the multiplier

Tensor algebras of subproduct systems and noncommutative function theory

. We revisit tensor algebras of subproduct systems with Hilbert space fibers, re-solving some open questions in the case of infinite dimensional fibers. We characterize when a tensor algebra can be

On the Isomorphism Problem for Multiplier Algebras of Nevanlinna-Pick Spaces

Abstract We continue the investigation of the isomorphism problem for multiplier algebras of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces with the complete Nevanlinna-Pick property. In contrast to previous work

Subproduct systems over N×N

Berezin quantization of noncommutative projective varieties

We use operator algebras and operator theory to obtain new result concerning Berezin quantization of compact K\"ahler manifolds. Our main tool is the notion of subproduct systems of



The algebraic structure of non-commutative analytic Toeplitz algebras

The non-commutative analytic Toeplitz algebra is the wot– closed algebra generated by the left regular representation of the free semigroup on n generators. We develop a detailed picture of the

The structure of free semigroup algebras

A free semigroup algebra is the wot-closed algebra generated by an n-tuple of isometries with pairwise orthogonal ranges. The interest in these algebras arises primarily from two of their interesting

Quotients of standard Hilbert modules

We initiate a study of Hilbert modules over the polynomial algebra that are obtained by completing with respect to an inner product having certain natural properties. A standard Hilbert module is a


Given two (or n) isometries on a Hilbert space H, such that their ranges are mutually orthogonal, one can use them to generate a C ⁄ -algebra. If the ranges sum to H, then this C ⁄ -algebra, the

Essentially normal Hilbert modules and K-homology

This paper mainly concerns the essential normality of graded submodules. Essentially all of the basic Hilbert modules that have received attention over the years are p-essentially normal—including

Stable polynomial division and essential normality of graded Hilbert modules

It is shown that when the algebra of polynomials in $d$ variables is given the natural $\ell^1$ norm, then every ideal is linearly equivalent to an ideal that has the stable division property.

Nevanlinna–Pick Interpolation and Factorization of Linear Functionals

If $${\mathfrak{A}}$$ is a unital weak-* closed algebra of multiplication operators on a reproducing kernel Hilbert space which has the property $${\mathbb{A}_1(1)}$$, then the cyclic invariant

Tensor Algebras overC*-Correspondences: Representations, Dilations, andC*-Envelopes☆

Tensor algebras overC*-correspondences are noncommutative generalizations of the disk algebra. They contain, as special cases, analytic crossed products, semi-crossed products, and Popescu's

Invariant Subspaces and Hyper‐Reflexivity for Free Semigroup Algebras

A free semigroup algebra is the weak operator topology closed algebra generated by a set of isometries with pairwise orthogonal ranges. The most important example is the left regular free semigroup

Tensor Algebras over C*-Correspondences: Representations, Dilations, and C*-Envelopes

Tensor algebras over C*-correspondences are noncommutative generalizations of the disk algebra. They contain, as special cases, analytic crossed products, semicrossed products, and Popescu's