The isolation and properties of collagenolytic proteases from crab hepatopancreas.

  title={The isolation and properties of collagenolytic proteases from crab hepatopancreas.},
  author={Olesya A. Klimova and Sergei I. Borukhov and Nina I Solovyeva and T O Balaevskaya and Strongin AYa},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={166 3},
A mixture of collagenolytic proteases has been isolated from the Kamchatka crab hepatopancreas. The four individual enzymes were further separated with FPLC and partially characterized. Crab collagenolytic proteases possess a high activity against different types of collagen, especially against calf skin collagen Type III and bovine lens capsule collagen Type IV, which is resistant to the microbial Clostridium sp. collagenases. In contrast with microbial collagenases the crab enzymes are good… CONTINUE READING

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