The involvement of nitric oxide in the enhanced expression of μ‐opioid receptors during intestinal inflammation in mice

  title={The involvement of nitric oxide in the enhanced expression of μ‐opioid receptors during intestinal inflammation in mice},
  author={O. Pol and M. Sasaki and N. Jim{\'e}nez and V. Dawson and T. Dawson and M. Puig},
  journal={British Journal of Pharmacology},
  • O. Pol, M. Sasaki, +3 authors M. Puig
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • British Journal of Pharmacology
  • 1 Intestinal inflammation enhances the potency of μ‐opioid receptor (MOR) agonists inhibiting gastrointestinal transit and increases the expression of MOR in mice intestine. The precise mechanisms implicated in the increased expression of MOR during intestinal inflammation are not known. The aim of the study is to evaluate if nitric oxide released during intestinal inflammation could modulate MOR gene expression and affect gastrointestinal transit. 2 Intestinal inflammation was induced by the… CONTINUE READING
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