The investigation of the function of the central courtyard in moderating the harsh environmental conditions of a hot and dry climate (Case study: City of Yazd, Iran)

  title={The investigation of the function of the central courtyard in moderating the harsh environmental conditions of a hot and dry climate (Case study: City of Yazd, Iran)},
  author={Mohammad Ebrahim and Seyyed Ashkezari Fazlollah and Mehrdad Yari},
As one of the arid areas of Iran, Yazd is always exposed to extreme winds with dust and shifting sands. Therefore, the architectural principles in the residential architecture of the city need be adapted to such environmental conditions in order to minimize the influence of the severe winds on the interior spaces. This study investigates the influence of storms on the interior space of the central courtyards in Yazd, constructed during the Muzaffarid, Safavid and Qajar periods using CFD… Expand
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