The investigation of electromagnetic processes in electromagnetic launchers using colossal magnetoresistance sensors

  title={The investigation of electromagnetic processes in electromagnetic launchers using colossal magnetoresistance sensors},
  author={Oliver Liebfried},
The development of rails and armatures which ensure a sliding solid-to-solid contact during the whole projectile acceleration is a great challenge in the field of railgun technology. Multifaceted physics exists at the sliding contact interface: The current concentrates at the rear of the interface due to magnetic diffusion processes and the fast armature movement. Consequently, Joule heating leads to enhanced wear in this region. In this dissertation, magnetic diffusion in railguns is… Expand
Velocity-induced current profiles inside the rails of an electric launcher
Previous investigations showed that an array of novel CMR-B-scalar sensors based on the Colossal Magnetoresistance effect can be used to measure the magnetic field distribution in the vicinity of theExpand
Electromechanical Modeling of Components of a Linear Electromagnetic Accelerator
Linear electromagnetic accelerators of the railgun-type are characterized by their capability to reach very high end velocities of more than 2 km/s for masses in the range of several hundred grams.Expand
Distributed laboratory system for characterization of current distribution in electromagnetic rail launchers
  • B. Tellini, M. Marracci, +5 authors E. Spahn
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2011 IEEE International Workshop on Measurements and Networking Proceedings (M&N)
  • 2011
The activity of a Distributed Measurement Laboratory is presented: the characterization of current distribution in electromagnetic rail launchers, characterized by strong transient magnetic fields, very fast moving conductors and the use of pulsed power in the GW range. Expand
Asymmetric Multistage Synchronous Inductive Coilgun for Length Reduction, Higher Muzzle Velocity, and Launching Time Reduction
This paper discusses a study made for good asymmetric three-stage electromagnetic coilgun launching medium-weight projectile. Different lengths, number of turns, and switching times are chosen forExpand


Measurement of the Magnetic Field Distribution in Railguns Using CMR-B-Scalar Sensors
One of the key points in understanding railgun behaviour is the current distribution in the rails. The current is strongly influenced by the fast moving projectile. Excessive current concentrationExpand
Magnetic Diffusion in Railguns: Measurements Using CMR-Based Sensors
Magnetic diffusion is of great importance in the domain of electromechanical energy conversion since it can be a performance-limiting mechanism. This paper deals with magnetic diffusion in the caseExpand
The Use of Electronic Components in Railgun Projectiles
This paper deals with experiments and calculations performed in order to investigate the influence of the electromagnetic hardening of payloads in a railgun. This is a complex task: besides the largeExpand
Highly Local Measurements of Strong Transient Magnetic Fields During Railgun Experiments Using CMR-Based Sensors
The accurate measurement of the magnetic field distribution during electromagnetic launch experiments is an ambitious task. Loop sensors are widely used for detecting the change in magnetic flux.Expand
Current Distribution and Contact Mechanisms in Static Railgun Experiments With Brush Armatures
The use of brush armatures for accelerating railgun projectiles allows muzzle velocities in excess of 2.5 km/s and contact transition velocities of at least 1.8 km/s in middle-caliber launchers to beExpand
Experiments on simple railgun with the compacted plasma armature
The authors' objective was to elucidate the physical reasons of the velocity limitation in the plasma armature (PA) railgun at the 6 km/s level. To do this, they designed a simple system having noExpand
Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Joule Heating of Various Shapes of Armatures in Railguns
This paper reports the results of 3-D numerical simulations of the Joule heating of armatures and rails in railguns. Armatures of various shapes with homogeneous and orthotropic electricalExpand
Doppler-radar: a possibility to monitor projectile dynamics in railguns
A precise and continuous measurement of the velocity of projectiles inside the barrel would permit to improve the understanding of the dynamic behavior of railguns. Friction-related questions, theExpand
Determining the Lorentz forces in plasma armatures
A resistive MHD (magnetohydrodynamic) model of plasma armatures can be used to determine the Lorentz force distribution in the plasma. The electric and magnetic fields, as a function of position, areExpand
B-Scalar Sensor Using CMR Effect in Thin Polycrystalline Manganite Films
We present the design and the main characteristics of the CMR-B-scalar sensor based on polycrystalline La0.83Sr0.17MnO3 films. The sensor active volume is only 400 μm × 50 μm × 0.4 μm, and it is ableExpand