The invariant subspace problem

  title={The invariant subspace problem},
  author={Heydar Radjavi and Peter Rosenthal},
  journal={The Mathematical Intelligencer},
Quasiaffinity and invariant subspaces
Special classes of intertwining transformations between Hilbert spaces are introduced and investigated, whose purposes are to provide partial answers to some classical questions on the existence of
El problema del subespacio invariante
El famoso problema del subespacio invariante lleva más de 80 años sin tener una respuesta completa. En este trabajo hacemos un breve recuento de algunos resultados que se han obtenido con la
Lebesgue Measure on ℝ
The goal of the next two chapters is to develop a new form of integration that, while not perfect, overcomes many of the innate flaws of the Riemann integral.
The Riemann Integral
Here we consider the familiar integral from calculus which is generally attributed to Riemann, though the idea of upper and lower sums for finding areas was used previously by Cauchy; other
Sequences and Series of Functions
Sequences and series of functions are natural extensions of the topics discussed in Chaps. 2 and 3 and many of their properties are derived in a straightforward manner from the results covered there.
The Real Numbers
To begin this study, the opening section provides a list of necessary preliminaries to develop a concrete foundation to support this intuitive understanding before progressing to a study of functions of a real variable.
Sequences in ℝ
In this chapter we investigate the most basic concept of analysis, the limit of a sequence. The concepts of convergence and divergence will be the main focus of our discussion but we will also touch
The Levi-Civita equation, vector modules and spectral synthesis
The purpose of this paper is to give a survey on some recent results concerning spectral analysis and spectral synthesis in the framework of vector modulesand in close connection with the Levi-Civita
Spectral Analysis and Spectral Synthesis
Spectral analysis and spectral synthesis deal with the description of translation invariant function spaces over locally compact Abelian groups. One considers the space Open image in new window of


Some Recent Results on Invariant Subspaces
This expository paper surveys work on invariant subspaces and related topics which has been done in the past few years. We recommend, naturally, that the reader consult [52] for work done prior to