The interpretation of the new particles as displaced charge multiplets

  title={The interpretation of the new particles as displaced charge multiplets},
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  • M. Gell-Mann
  • Published 1 April 1956
  • Geology
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)
The problem of quantum correlations and the totalitarian principle
  • A. Cabello
  • Philosophy
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2019
It is shown that two assumptions and a version of the totalitarian principle lead to the quantum correlations.
Light Higgsinos at the ILC: Precision Measurements and Detector Requirements
This thesis is based on a study of Natural Supersymmetry (SUSY) scenarios at the International Linear Collider (ILC). These scenarios are motivated by naturalness, which requires the μ parameter to
Consideration of Additive Quantum Numbers of Fermions and Their Conservations
Two new flavor quantum numbers D and U for down and up quarks, respectively, are introduced, and then quark quantum number H is proposed as the sum of the flavor quantum numbers of quarks. Moreover,
Constructing Strangeness: Exploratory Modeling and Concept Formation
Abstract The notion of exploratory modeling constitutes a powerful heuristic tool for historical-epistemological analysis and especially for studying concept formation. I will show this by means of a
Drawing scales apart: The origins of Wilson's conception of effective field theories.
O quark como objeto de análise histórica e epistemológica: a Física de Partículas Elementares em uma perspectiva bachelardiana
Neste artigo o quark foi colocado como objeto central de uma investigação histórica e epistemológica embasada nos fundamentos da epistemologia de Gaston Bachelard sobre a construção do conhecimento
Anarchy, Technology, and the Self-Destruction Hypothesis: Human Survival and the Fermi Paradox
Does the technological capability for “self-destruction” grow faster than the political capacity to control and restraint it? If so, then the uneven growth rates between technology and politics cou...
Beyond the electric-dipole approximation in simulations of x-ray absorption spectroscopy: Lessons from relativistic theory.
It is confirmed that the oscillator strength of the electric-dipole allowed ligand K-edge transition of TiCl4, when calculated to the second order in the wave vector, becomes negative but also show that inclusion of higher-order contributions allows convergence to the result obtained using the full light-matter interaction.
Diffractive production of Λ hyperons in the high-energy limit of strong interactions
We propose the study of the inclusive production of two $\mathrm{\ensuremath{\Lambda}}$ hyperons or a single $\mathrm{\ensuremath{\Lambda}}$-particle in association with a jet, featuring high
Flavor structures of charged fermions and massive neutrinos


Behavior of neutral particles under charge conjugation
Some properties are discussed of the θ^0, a heavy boson that is known to decay by the process θ^0→π^++π^−. According to certain schemes proposed for the interpretation of hyperons and K particles,
Note on the Decay and Absorption of the θ 0
A suggestion is made on how to verify experimentally a recent theoretical suggestion that the ${\ensuremath{\theta}}^{0}$ meson is a "particle mixture."
Proton-neutron mass difference
Suppose all deviations from isotopic spin symmetry are due solely to electromagnetic effects. Then such things as the mass difference of charged and neutral π mesons, and the neutron-proton mass
Isotopic Spin and New Unstable Particles
Peaslee has considered the interesting possibility that the principle of charge independence, now believed to hold for nucleons and pions, may extend to the new unstable particles as well. In order