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The interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies over Maiduguri â Dikwadepression, Chad Basin Nigeria: A structural view

  title={The interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies over Maiduguri {\^a} Dikwadepression, Chad Basin Nigeria: A structural view},
  author={Emmanuel K. Anakwuba and Ajana Godwin Onwuemesi and Augustine Ifeanyi Chinwuko and Leonard N. Onuba},
  journal={Archives of Applied Science Research},
An aeromagnetic study of the Maiduguri – Dikwa depression in northeastern Nigeria has been carried out to establish its main shallow crustal structural features. The area is intensely fractured with major fractures trending in NE-SW direction. Spectral analysis and 2.0 D modeling of four profiles selected from the residual anomaly map provide depths to basement of 2.82, 3.41, 2.41 and 2.56 km. These depths constrain the magnetic models along the profiles, which indicate that the sedimentary… 

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