The interplay between MYC and HIF in the Warburg effect.

  title={The interplay between MYC and HIF in the Warburg effect.},
  author={Chi V. Dang},
  journal={Ernst Schering Foundation symposium proceedings},
  • Chi V. Dang
  • Published 2007 in Ernst Schering Foundation symposium proceedings
c-MYC and the hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) are critical factors for tumorigenesis in a large number of human cancers. While the normal function of MYC involves the induction of cell proliferation and enhancement of cellular metabolism, the function of HIF, particularly HIF-1, involves adaptation to the hypoxic microenvironment, including activation of anaerobic glycolysis. When MYC-dependent tumors grow, the hypoxic tumor microenvironment elevates the levels of HIF, such that oncogenic MYC… CONTINUE READING
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