The interoceptive Pavlovian stimulus effects of caffeine.

  title={The interoceptive Pavlovian stimulus effects of caffeine.},
  author={Jennifer E Murray and Chia -Wei Li and Matthew I. Palmatier and Rick A Bevins},
  journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior},
  volume={86 4},
The present research sought to test whether caffeine functioned as a Pavlovian cue in two ways--as a positive drug feature or as a conditional stimulus (CS). As a positive feature (Experiment 1), brief light presentations were followed by sucrose only on sessions in which caffeine (10 mg/kg) was administered. On intermixed saline sessions, light presentations were not followed by sucrose. The light came to control robust goal tracking (i.e., conditioned responding) only in caffeine sessions… CONTINUE READING

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