The interdependence of the Rho GTPases and apicobasal cell polarity

  title={The interdependence of the Rho GTPases and apicobasal cell polarity},
  author={Natalie Ann Mack and Marios Georgiou},
  booktitle={Small GTPases},
Signaling via the Rho GTPases provides crucial regulation of numerous cell polarization events, including apicobasal (AB) polarity, polarized cell migration, polarized cell division and neuronal polarity. Here we review the relationships between the Rho family GTPases and epithelial AB polarization events, focusing on the 3 best-characterized members: Rho, Rac and Cdc42. We discuss a multitude of processes that are important for AB polarization, including lumen formation, apical membrane… CONTINUE READING
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