The inner ear produces a natriuretic hormone.

  title={The inner ear produces a natriuretic hormone.},
  author={Klaus Qvortrup and J\orgen Rostgaard and N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={270 6 Pt 2},
Cytoplasmic granules have been demonstrated in epithelial cells from the endolymphatic sac, an extraosseus part of the inner ear located in the posterior cranial fossa. Intravenously infused extracts from endolymphatic sacs in anesthetized rats elicited a potent natriuresis and diuresis without effects on blood pressure, glomerular filtration rate, or lithium clearance. Only a minor kaliuresis was observed. Extracts of dural tissue adjacent to the endolymphatic sacs had no effect. It is… CONTINUE READING


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