The inhibition of apoptosis in myositis and in normal muscle cells.

  title={The inhibition of apoptosis in myositis and in normal muscle cells.},
  author={Kanneboyina Nagaraju and Livia A. Casciola-Rosen and Antony Rosen and Claire Thompson and Lisa Loeffler and Tomasina Parker and Carol L Danning and Paul J. Rochon and J. Paterson Gillespie and Paul H. Plotz},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={164 10},
The mechanism of injury and death of muscle cells in the inflammatory myopathies (dermatomyositis, polymyositis, and inclusion body myositis) remains obscure. We and others have not detected apoptosis in the muscle biopsies from patients with myositis despite clear evidence of cell damage and loss. We provide evidence in this study that Fas ligand (FasL) as well as Fas is present on muscle cells and inflammatory cells in myositis biopsies: Fas is present on most muscle cells and lymphocytes… CONTINUE READING


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