The influence of parental relatedness on reproductive success.

  title={The influence of parental relatedness on reproductive success.},
  author={William Amos and Jessica Worthington Wilmer and K J Fullard and Theresa M. Burg and John P. Croxall and Daniel Bloch and Tim Coulson},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={268 1480},
The relationship between fitness and parental similarity has been dominated by studies of how inbreeding depression lowers fecundity in incestuous matings. A widespread implicit assumption is that adult fitness (reproduction) of individuals born to parents who are not unusually closely related is more or less equal. Examination of three long-lived vertebrates, the long-finned pilot whale, the grey seal and the wandering albatross reveals significant negative relationships between parental… CONTINUE READING
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