The influence of pH on antimicrobial substances in canine vaginal and urethral secretions

  title={The influence of pH on antimicrobial substances in canine vaginal and urethral secretions},
  author={Udo Hoyme and Axel Baumueller and Paul O. Madsen},
  journal={Urological Research},
SummaryTrimethoprim and rosamicin (a new basic macrolide antibiotic) were administered to normal and oophorectomised female dogs by constant intravenous infusion before and after oestrogen and androgen administration. Their concentrations in plasma and in urethral and vaginal secretions were determined by bioassay and correlated with the pH values of vaginal and urethral secretions. Both compounds were concentrated in the vaginal and urethral secretions in reverse correlation with the pH of… 
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Social Behavior and Host-Associated Microbes in Wild Baboons

The effects of both social and non-social factors on gut and vaginal microbiota at inter-host, intergroup, and interspecies levels are investigated using data from a well-studied population of animals.



The diffusion and concentration of trimethoprim in human vaginal fluid.

Bactericidal concentrations of trimethoprim were found in all samples of vaginal fluid, often exceeding the serum level by severalfold and Sulfamethoxazole was either undetectable or present only in fractional concentrations.

Rosamicin in Urethral and Vaginal Secretions and Tissues in Dogs and Rats

The rosamicin concentrations in urethral and vaginal tissue significantly exceeded the levels of all other tissues investigated, and could be valuable for the treatment of bacterial urethritis and the colonization of the vaginal introitus with fecal bacteria in women.

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The rates of inflow to the vaginal cavity and outflow from the vagina were measured quantitatively and the degree of reabsorption is calculated as the difference between these two opposite processes.

Antimicrobial agents in prostatic fluid and tissue

The importance of the basic pKa is shown in constant infusion experiments in dogs with trimethoprim, erythromycin and rosamicin, all 3 lipid-soluble antibiotics having a high pKa and all being found to concentrate in prostatic fluid and tissue of dogs.

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