The influence of nutritional factors on biopterin excretion in laboratory animals.


Nutritional influences on urinary total biopterin levels in rats and pigs were investigated. During the first nights in metabolic cages with food deprivation a significant increase in biopterin values was found in rats. This could be diminished either by feeding, adaptation to food deprivation or by oral glucose application. With food deprivation under normal housing conditions, this increase could not be found. Rats that were fed a cellulose preparation without metabolizable energy had no increase in biopterin excretion. The circadian rhythm of biopterin excretion was influenced by food deprivation as well as by cellulose. Alterations in water intake and urinary output had no effect on biopterin levels related to creatinine. Remarkable changes in biopterin excretion are more likely due to hormonal functions and regulations related to stress than to nutritional factors. More investigations into these problems are being performed.

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