The influence of greenwashing perception on green purchasing intentions: The mediating role of green word-of-mouth and moderating role of green concern

  title={The influence of greenwashing perception on green purchasing intentions: The mediating role of green word-of-mouth and moderating role of green concern},
  author={Lu Zhang and Dayuan Li and Cuicui Cao and Senhua Huang},
  journal={Journal of Cleaner Production},

Impact of Greenwashing Perception on Consumers’ Green Purchasing Intentions: A Moderated Mediation Model

When consumers perceive that companies are engaging in greenwashing, this often has many negative impacts on the company, industry, and society. Based on the psychological contract theory, this study

The Impact of Corporate Greenwashing Behavior on Consumers' Purchase Intentions of Green Electronic Devices: An Empirical Study in Vietnam

The environment friendly lifestyle and the green product trend have motivated corporates to develop and adopt sustainable business practices. However, an increasing number of corporations have

How Green Trust, Consumer Brand Engagement and Green Word-of-Mouth Mediate Purchasing Intentions

An increasing interest in environmental problems around the world has significantly expanded the demand for green goods, transforming green marketing into an effective tool for businesses to achieve

How Does Young Consumers’ Greenwashing Perception Impact Their Green Purchase Intention in the Fast Fashion Industry? An Analysis from the Perspective of Perceived Risk Theory

The fast fashion industry is criticized for its unsustainable development. With the rise of the green economy and the awakening of consumers’ awareness of sustainable consumption, more and more

Perceived Greenwashing: The Effects of Green Marketing on Environmental and Product Perceptions

Many firms are striving to improve their environmental positions by presenting their environmental efforts to the public. To do so, they are applying green marketing strategies to help gain

Green marketing and purchase intention of green product: The role of environmental awareness

Along with the development of people's lifestyles, the concept of environmental awareness has now become part of their daily lives. For this reason, it is necessary to know the effect of green

The spillover effect of greenwashing behaviours: an experimental approach

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of greenwashing behaviour of one brand on purchase intention of green products from other brands. Further, this study tests the mediating

The effect of environmental concern on conscious green consumption of post-millennials: the moderating role of greenwashing perceptions

Purpose This study aims to demonstrate how greenwashing perceptions shape the effect of environmental concern on post-millennials purchasing behavior. Design/methodology/approach Based on 174

Greenwash and green brand equity: The mediating role of green brand image, green satisfaction, and green trust, and the moderating role of green concern

  • M. Ha
  • Business
    PloS one
  • 2022
This study explores whether and, if so, how efficiently consumers’ greenwashing (GW) influences green brand equity (GBE) by integrating the mediation role of green brand image (GBI), green

Does Greenwashing Affect Employee’s Career Satisfaction? The Mediating Role of Organizational Pride, Negative Emotions and Affective Commitment.

Greenwashing occurs when companies deliberately deceive or mislead stakeholders regarding their environmental practices or benefits of a product/service. Most existing greenwashing studies focus on



The influence of greenwash on green word-of-mouth (green WOM): the mediation effects of green perceived quality and green satisfaction

The study discusses the influence of greenwash on green word-of-mouth (green WOM) and explores the mediation roles of green perceived quality and green satisfaction. The research object of this study

Exploring the Gap Between Consumers’ Green Rhetoric and Purchasing Behaviour

Why do consumers who profess to be concerned about the environment choose not to buy greener products more regularly or even at all? This study explores how consumers’ perceptions towards green

Antecedents of Green Purchase Behaviour: An Examination of Moderating Role of Green Wash Fear

This study was designed to examine the effect of customer perceived green wash fear on certain critical antecedents that develop green purchase intentions among customers. The major antecedents such

Greenwash and Green Trust: The Mediation Effects of Green Consumer Confusion and Green Perceived Risk

The paper explores the influence of greenwash on green trust and discusses the mediation roles of green consumer confusion and green perceived risk. The research object of this study focuses on

Opportunities for green marketing: young consumers

– The purpose of this paper is to identify important factors that affect Hong Kong adolescent consumers' green purchasing behaviour., – A total of 6,010 (2,975 males and 3,035 females) adolescents in

Enhance green purchase intentions

Purpose – The purpose of this study is to develop an original framework to explore the influences of green perceived value and green perceived risk on green purchase intentions and to discuss the

The Skeptical Green Consumer Revisited: Testing the Relationship Between Green Consumerism and Skepticism Toward Advertising

This article revisits the widely believed notion of the skeptical green consumer, in other words, that green consumers tend to distrust green advertising. Study 1, a survey of U.S. consumers, found

The Extended Consequence of Greenwashing: Perceived Consumer Skepticism

In a review of more than 1,000 self-described "green" or eco-friendly products, one organization [TerraChoice, 2010] found that all but one of the products exhibited some form of greenwashing.

Application of the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Model to Investigate Purchase Intention of Green Products among Thai Consumers

Green products are among the widely used products worldwide due to their environmental benefits. However, information on the consumers’ purchase intention towards green products in developing