The influence of environment on development of the mucosal immune system.

  title={The influence of environment on development of the mucosal immune system.},
  author={Mick Bailey and Karin Haverson and Charlotte R. Inman and Christina C. Harris and Philip H Jones and Gaynor Corfield and Bevis G Miller and Chris Stokes},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={108 1-2},
The mucosal immune system expresses active responses against pathogens and also tolerance against harmless food and commensal bacterial antigens. The mechanisms that determine which of these outcomes occur after recognition of antigens by T-cells are not clear. One possibility is that it is determined by the initial interaction between a dendritic and a naïve T-cell in organised lymphoid tissue. However, such organised structures are, evolutionarily, quite recent and the original immune system… CONTINUE READING

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