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The influence of background music on shopping behavior: Classical versus top-forty music in a

  title={The influence of background music on shopping behavior: Classical versus top-forty music in a},
  author={David Kim and Charles Areni},
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Music and consumer behavior in chain stores: theoretical explanation and empirical evidence
ABSTRACT In recent years, there has been significant growth in the number of chain stores; in this regard, the essential point is that managers should consider not only traditional marketing mix, but
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Previous research studying the effect of background music on consumer behavior has used music associated with lyrics and failed to use a no music control condition. Instrumental music (jazz and
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Fast tempo and popular music resulted in quicker betting with no effect on expenditure and Alternative mechanisms underlying music's influence on gambling and directions for future research are considered.
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That music affects human beings in various ways has probably been presumed as long as people have played music. Many marketing practitioners already accept this notion, given that music is increasi...
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