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The influence of alcohol on the persistent effects on human performance of the hypnotics Mandrax and Nitrazepam.

  title={The influence of alcohol on the persistent effects on human performance of the hypnotics Mandrax and Nitrazepam.},
  author={S. Roden and P. Harvey and M. Mitchard},
  journal={International journal of clinical pharmacology and biopharmacy},
  volume={15 8},
Psychotropic drugs are prescribed to modify human behavior but they have persistent central sedative activity which may become a troublesome side-effect. Alcohol is known to interact with psychotropes, often to potentiate their central effects. We have previously shown that residues of some hypnotic drugs persist in the body for up to a week after a single therapeutic dose and have demonstrated that alcohol decreases the elimination rate of methaqualone even when taken 2 or 3 days after the… 
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