The influence of a taurine containing drink on cardiac parameters before and after exercise measured by echocardiography

  title={The influence of a taurine containing drink on cardiac parameters before and after exercise measured by echocardiography},
  author={M. Baum and Michael Weiss},
  journal={Amino Acids},
Summary. To determine the effect of the taurine containing drink "Red Bull" on cardiac parameters thirteen endurance trained subjects performed an exhaustive bout of endurance exercise at three different times. Prior to the exercise the original "Red Bull" drink, a similar drink without taurine, containing caffeine, and a "placebo" drink without caffeine and without taurine were ingested by the subjects in a double-blind cross-over design. Echocardiographic examinations were performed before… 

In-vitro examination of the positive inotropic effect of caffeine and taurine, the two most frequent active ingredients of energy drinks

While caffeine altered the contraction behavior of the specimen significantly in the authors' in-vitro model, taurine did not exhibit a significant effect.

Caffeine and taurine containing energy drink increases left ventricular contractility in healthy volunteers

To investigate the impact of a caffeine and taurine containing energy drink (ED) on myocardial contractility in healthy volunteers using cardiac MR and cardiac MR based strain analysis. 32 healthy

Taurine supplementation enhances endurance capacity by delaying blood glucose decline during prolonged exercise in rats

Taurine supplementation enhances endurance capacity by delaying the decrease in BGC toward exhaustion through increases of lipolysis in adipose tissues and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscles during endurance exercise.

Cardio- and cerebrovascular responses to the energy drink Red Bull in young adults: a randomized cross-over study

The results show an overall negative hemodynamic profile in response to ingestion of the energy drink Red Bull, in particular an elevated blood pressure and double product and a lower cerebral blood flow velocity.

Acute physiological effects of taurine content of an energy drink in physically active subjects

The main results of this study point out that taurine administration contained in the energy drink did not influence in the levels of the investigated variables, and it can conclude that the 2g dose used did not improve performance.

Effect of Taurine Ingestion before Exercise on Muscle Fatigue

The results suggest that the taurine blood level is increased by t aurine intake, and that muscle fatigue due to exercise was inhibited by taurin ingestion.

Effects of taurine supplementation following eccentric exercise in young adults.

It is suggested that taurine supplementation represents an important factor in improving performance and decreasing muscle damage and oxidative stress but does not decrease the inflammatory response after eccentric exercise.

The effect of acute taurine ingestion on endurance performance and metabolism in well-trained cyclists.

The acute ingestion of 1.66 g of T before exercise did not enhance TT performance but did result in a small but significant increase in fat oxidation during submaximal cycling in endurance-trained cyclists.

Effect of Red Bull energy drink on cardiovascular and renal function

It is suggested that Red Bull® consumption ameliorates changes in blood pressure during stressful experiences and increases the participants’ pain tolerance.

Effects of an amino acid/creatine energy supplement on the acute hormonal response to resistance exercise.

It is indicated that a supplement consisting of amino acids, creatine, taurine, caffeine, and glucuronolactone can modestly improve high-intensity endurance; however, the anabolic-hormonal response was not augmented.



Taurine and Electrical Activity of the Heart

Findings indicate that taurine is able to regulate the excitability of the myocardium, possibly by modifying membrane permeability to potassium.

Therapeutic effect of taurine in congestive heart failure: A double‐blind crossover trial

The results indicate that addition of taurine to conventional therapy is safe and effective for the treatment of patients with congestive heart failure.

Usefulness of taurine in chronic congestive heart failure and its prospective application.

In the taurine-treated group significant treatment effect was observed on systolic left ventricular function after 6 weeks, but such an effect was not observed in the CoQ10- treated group.

Cardiac actions of taurine as a modulator of the ion channels.

  • H. Satoh
  • Biology
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 1998
Although taurine-induced modulation of ion channels located on the cardiac cell membrane is complex, the multiple effects may combine to yield useful therapeutic results.

Efficacy of digoxin for treatment of cats with dilated cardiomyopathy.

Improvement, as assessed by indices of cardiac function, was documented in 4 of the 6 cats treated with digoxin, including the 2 cats given taurine supplementation, and positive inotropic effect was observed prior to the time when taurin-induced improvement in ventricular function is detectable.

Centrally induced vasodepressor and sympathetic nerve responses to taurine.

The results suggest that taurine causes the central nervous system to lower the blood pressure by decreasing the sympathetic nerve outflow.

Effect of taurine on a muscle intracellular membrane.