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The indigenous fermented foods of the Sudan : a study in African food and nutrition

  title={The indigenous fermented foods of the Sudan : a study in African food and nutrition},
  author={Hamid A. Dirar},
Introduction to the food culture of Sudan sorghum - the staple of Sudan sorghum porridges and granules alcoholic beverages dairy products fish and meat products flavours and substitutes. 
A review of traditional fermented foods and beverages of Zimbabwe.
Molecular characterization, technological properties and safety aspects of enterococci from ‘Hussuwa’, an African fermented sorghum product
Aims:  To identify enterococci from Hussuwa, a Sudanese fermented sorghum product, and determine their technological properties and safety for possible inclusion in a starter culture preparation.
Common indigenous fermented foods and beverages produced in Swaziland: a review.
It is against this background that the biotechnology and fermentation processes of traditional foods, as well as their processing technologies need to be studied and documented to pass them on to future generations’ economic development.
African Sorghum-Based Fermented Foods: Past, Current and Future Prospects
  • O. Adebo
  • Medicine, Business
  • 2020
The addition of other affordable nutrient sources in sorghum-based fermented foods is equally important, as this will effectively augment the intake of a nutritionally balanced product.
The microbiology of ‘kunun-zaki’, a cereal beverage from northern Nigeria, during the fermentation (production) process
Kunun-zaki is a beverage produced by a fermentation process involving the steeping of millet grains and wetmilling, with a wide range of microflora but, after steeping, the moulds are eliminated, leaving a 1:1 ratio of Gram-negative bacteria to Gram-positive bacteria.
Effect of cumin oil concentrations on chemical composition and sensory characteristics of Sudanese white cheese during ripening
In Sudan cheese processing is a major preservation method of surplus milk in rural areas especially during rainy season when plenty of milk is available. The product is an important nutrient for
Developments and Microbiological Applications in African Foods: Emphasis on Nigerian Wara Cheese Dissertationes bioscientiarum molecularium Universitatis Helsingiensis in Viikki
The high proteolytic activity at 70 °C supported the suitability of the protease enzyme as a coagulant in future commercial production of Nigerian Wara cheese and the properties of the Sodom apple leaves (Calotropis procera) extract in cheesemaking were studied.
African fermented foods
Fermented foods constitute a significant component of African diets and some serve as main course meals, others as beverages while others are highly prized food condiments.
African fermented foods and probiotics.