The index and nullity of the Lawson surfaces $\xi_{g,1}$

  title={The index and nullity of the Lawson surfaces \$\xi\_\{g,1\}\$},
  author={N. Kapouleas and David Wiygul},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
We prove that the Lawson surface $\xi_{g,1}$ in Lawson's original notation, which has genus $g$ and can be viewed as a desingularization of two orthogonal great two-spheres in the round three-sphere ${\mathbb{S}}^3$, has index $2g+3$ and nullity $6$ for any genus $g\ge2$. In particular $\xi_{g,1}$ has no exceptional Jacobi fields, which means that it cannot `flap its wings' at the linearized level and is $C^1$-isolated. 
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