The incidence of injuries in elite junior figure skaters.

  title={The incidence of injuries in elite junior figure skaters.},
  author={Sanda Dubravci{\'c}-Simunjak and Marko Pe{\vc}ina and Harm Kuipers and Jane R. Moran and Miroslav Ha{\vs}pl},
  journal={The American journal of sports medicine},
  volume={31 6},
  pages={1050-1; author reply 1051}
BACKGROUND There has been rapid growth in the technical and physiologic demands made on skaters who perform more and more difficult jumps, spins, lifts, throws, and free skating movements. PURPOSE To investigate the frequency of injuries and overuse syndromes in elite junior skaters. STUDY DESIGN Questionnaire. METHODS During four consecutive Junior World Figure Skating Championships and the Croatia Cup, we interviewed 236 female and 233 male skaters by questionnaire to determine the… CONTINUE READING
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