The incidence of birthmarks in Israeli neonates.

  title={The incidence of birthmarks in Israeli neonates.},
  author={Madelyn D Kahana and Michael Feldman and Z Abudi and Shmuel Yurman},
  journal={International journal of dermatology},
  volume={34 10},
BACKGROUND Several studies have documented cutaneous findings in neonates of various racial groups. Our purpose was to determine the frequency of birthmarks in Israeli neonates of Jewish and Arabic origin. METHODS A cohort of 1672 newborn infants under 96 hours of age were examined for the presence of birthmarks. Of these 841 (50.3%) were Jewish and 831 (49.7%) were Arab. The Jewish group was further subdivided into various ethnic groups according to parental ancestry. RESULTS Melanocytic… CONTINUE READING