The in-depth evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disease.


Mitochondrial disease confirmation and establishment of a specific molecular diagnosis requires extensive clinical and laboratory evaluation. Dual genome origins of mitochondrial disease, multi-organ system manifestations, and an ever increasing spectrum of recognized phenotypes represent the main diagnostic challenges. To overcome these obstacles… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2007.11.018


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@article{Haas2008TheIE, title={The in-depth evaluation of suspected mitochondrial disease.}, author={Richard H. Haas and Sumit Parikh and Marni J. Falk and Russell P. Saneto and Nicole I Wolf and Niklas Dar{\'i}n and L. C. Caleb Wong and Bruce H. Cohen and Robert K. Naviaux}, journal={Molecular genetics and metabolism}, year={2008}, volume={94 1}, pages={16-37} }