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The importance of silhouette optimization in 3D shape reconstruction system from multiple object scenes

  title={The importance of silhouette optimization in 3D shape reconstruction system from multiple object scenes},
  author={Waqqas ur Rehman Butt and Martin Servin},
This paper presents a multi stage 3D shape reconstruction system of multiple object scenes by considering the silhouette inconsistencies in shape-fromsilhouette SFS method. These inconsistencies are common in multiple view images due to object occlusions in different views, segmentation and shadows or reflection due to objects or light directions. These factors raise huge challenges when attempting to construct the 3D shape by using existing approaches which reconstruct only that part of the… 


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Visual hull alignment and refinement across time: a 3D reconstruction algorithm combining shape-from-silhouette with stereo
  • G. Cheung, S. Baker, T. Kanade
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    2003 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2003. Proceedings.
  • 2003
An algorithm to improve the shape approximation by combining multiple silhouette images captured across time by first estimating the rigid motion between the visual hulls formed at different time instants and then combining them to get a tighter bound on the object's shape.
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Shape from Silhouette Consensus
  • G. Haro
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Pattern Recognit.
  • 2012
This paper proposes a shape-from-silhouette algorithm that is robust to inconsistent silhouettes, often common in real applications due to occlusions, errors in the background subtraction, noise or