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The importance of nutrition in wound healing Nursing

  title={The importance of nutrition in wound healing Nursing},
  author={G. Casey},
OCTOBER 7/VOLUME 13/NUMBER 3/1998 NURSING STANDARD 51 A person’s nutritional requirements increase following trauma or surgery, and in the presence of a chronic wound. If the increased demand for nutrients is not met, this can have a significant impact on wound healing, but it is nevertheless a factor that is often overlooked by health professionals in their patient assessments. Metabolic demand rises in the presence of a wound because the cell activity in the region is greatly increased. The… 

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Nutrition and wound healing.
This paper reviews the possible relationship between certain nutrients and wound healing, evidence pointing to a connection between perioperative nutritional status and surgical outcome (including wound healing), and information concerning route of administration and prevention of deficiencies of certain nutrients.
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cellular viewpoint. That is all very well. In any case academics will swallow almost anything if it's their job. Even if the botanists of the 18th century, the well-intentioned of the 19th century
Leg ulcers in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
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It is likely that the underlying pathology was much more varied in the past, with the possibility that ascorbic acid deficiency played a significant part in the high frequency of leg ulcers.
Pre-operative fasting.
It was found that, 20 years on, the management of pre-operative fasting was still largely unchanged and a small number of experienced nurses challenged the tradition and successfully reduced pre-operatively fasting near to the accepted minimum and thereby provided adequate nutrition for patients.
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Initial nursing assessment can be expanded to include a nutritional assessment and a multidisciplinary approach to nutritional assessment should be established.
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