The importance of hydrogen in landfill fermentations.

  title={The importance of hydrogen in landfill fermentations.},
  author={Melanie R. Mormile and Koteswara R. Gurijala and Joseph A. Robinson and Michael J McInerney and Joseph M Suflita},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={62 5},
Forty-two samples taken from two landfills were monitored for CH(inf4) production and apparent steady-state H(inf2) concentration. The rates of methanogenesis in these samples ranged from below the detection limit to 1,900 (mu)mol kg (dry weight)(sup-1) day(sup-1), and the median steady-state hydrogen concentration was 1.4 (mu)M in one landfill and 5.2 (mu)M in the other. To further investigate the relationship between hydrogen concentration and methanogenesis, a subset of seven landfill… CONTINUE READING

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