The importance of human needs during peacetime, retrospective peacetime, and the Persian Gulf War

  title={The importance of human needs during peacetime, retrospective peacetime, and the Persian Gulf War},
  author={Thomas Li-Ping Tang and Wendy West},
  journal={International Journal of Stress Management},
  • T. L. Tang, W. West
  • Published 1 January 1997
  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Stress Management
Study 1 investigated the importance of human needs during peacetime in 1993 using a sample of 137 full-time workers in several industries in the United States. Study 2 examined the importance of needs in 1990 (retrospective peacetime) and in 1991 (during the Persian Gulf War)(both measured during the war) using a sample of 564 college students in the United States. In both studies, two levels of needs (higher-order and lower-order needs) were identified during peacetime. Study 2 revealed that… 

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